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Three key differences with EV brakes

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Braking in conventional vehicles and electric vehicles are two almost completely different concepts. To perform effective repairs and maintenance, it’s worth learning some of the key differences between EV braking and conventional vehicle brakes. 

Learn how regenerative braking works, and some of the key differences to conventional vehicles, with this video guide from the experts at Delphi. We’ll take you through some of the big talking points including: 

  • How does regenerative braking work? 
  • What happens when the brake pedal is pressed in EVs 
  • The bedding-in process for brake pads 

Do EV brakes last longer? 

Yes, electric vehicle brakes tend to last longer than their conventional counterparts. It’s the electric motor within EVs that does most of the work on slowing the vehicle down, which means there’s less wear and tear on EV brakes. 

Do all EVs have regenerative braking? 

Any vehicle with an electric motor – that applies to both EVs and hybrid vehicles – has the ability to perform regenerative braking. That means recycling power back into the vehicle and slightly extending its time until needing a charge. 
On the latest vehicles, the front RaDAR shares information with the EV motor controller to adjust the amount of regeneration dynamically, depending on what is on the road ahead. 

How much range does regenerative braking add? 

How much energy can be recovered through regenerative braking depends on a number of things such as battery charge, battery temperature, and driver settings. It depends on the customer’s driving style, but tests have shown that you can recover up to 20% of the energy,which is then used to extend the range. 

What is single pedal driving? 

Single pedal or one-pedal driving applies to electric vehicles, where drivers can bring the vehicle to a complete stop without using the brake pedal. It takes some practice to get it right when there are things like stopping distances to take into account, but it saves wear and tear on the brake pads. 

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