Braking systems (UK-CH-BRA)

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Duration: 51 minutes
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Course Overview

Braking systems used to be simple, but with recent changes both in design and materials, they have become far more complex.

This course takes you through the system overview, and how EV brakes are often completely different to those used on ICE vehicles.
It looks through the pad materials, and how to 'bed' them in correctly - something that is done in error every day.

Upon successful completion you will be able to access your certificate.

  • Audience
    Technicians, Managers
  • Skill level
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Course price
£220 (1 year) - part of our annual licence for all eLearning courses

This course includes:

  • Brake system introduction
  • Hybrid and EV brakes
  • Brake fluid
  • Brake pad construction and fitting
  • Brake pad bedding in
  • Brake disc designs
  • Drum brake + brake shoes
  • Brake bleeding
  • Braking systems end test
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