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DS software training - light (UK-DS-SWL)

Subtitles are available in: ENGLISH
Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes
Online Diagnostics & Test Equipment OBD Diagnostic Technical Training

Course Overview

Do you have a Delphi Technologies diagnostic tool?

If so this course is a must to ensure that you get the most from the software and hardware.
This extensive 15 part course covers everything you need to know about you software, hardware, technical data, flight recorder, expert mode and so much more.

Have a look at the course content list and get booked on straight away.
You can sign up for you free access to the Delphi Technologies academy.

At the end of the course, and upon successful completion of the end test, you will be issue a certificate to mark your new skills.

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This course includes:

  • UK-DS-SWL-001 - Diagnostics stage 1
  • UK-DS-SWL-002 - Diagnostics stage 2
  • UK-DS-SWL-003A - Diagnostics stage 3 - Introduction / VTI linking
  • UK-DS-SWL-003B - Diagnostics stage 3 - Vehicle identification
  • UK-DS-SWL-003C - Diagnostics stage 3 - Service light reset
  • UK-DS-SWL-003D - Diagnostics stage 3 - Electronic handbrake / service mode
  • UK-DS-SWL-003E - Diagnostics stage 3 - Torque figures
  • UK-DS-SWL-003F - Diagnostics stage 3 - Fault code assistance
  • UK-DS-SWL-003G - Diagnostics stage 3 - *Bonus* engine code cross search
  • UK-DS-SWL-004A - Diagnostics stage 4 - Calibration certificates
  • UK-DS-SWL-004B - Diagnostics stage 4 - Understanding ISI
  • UK-DS-SWL-004C1 - Diagnostics stage 4 - Using the expert mode feature of the tool
  • UK-DS-SWL-004C2 - Diagnostics stage 4 - Using expert mode - practical task
  • UK-DS-SWL-004D - Diagnostics stage 4 - Using the built in data logger / flight recorder
  • UK-DS-SWL-005 - Diagnostics software end test
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