Security GateWay (UK-DS-SGW)

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Duration: 48 minutes
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Course Overview

Secure gateways (SGW) on vehicles are becoming evermore common.
Manufacturers like FIAT, Alfa Romeo, JEEP, Mercedes, VAG, Nissan, Tesla and many more are now protecting their vehicles with a secure gateway.

What does this mean for technicians and businesses?
It means that unless you are able to 'unlock' the gateway, you will only have read access to the vehicle.
Want erase the fault codes? With the gateway locked, you will not be able to do anything that requires commands to be sent back to the ECU.

This 6 part course takes you through everything you need to conquer secure gateways, and get on with fixing vehicles.

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£220 (1 year) - part of our annual licence for all eLearning courses

This course includes:

  • UK-DS-SGW-001 - What is a Gateway on a vehicle
  • UK-DS-SGW-002 - Introduction to security gateway
  • UK-DS-SGW-003A - Automatically unlocking a SGW - example FCA
  • UK-DS-SGW-004A - Manually unlocking a SGW - example FCA
  • UK-DS-SGW-004B - Manually unlocking a SGW - Renault ( 5 part module)
  • UK-DS-SGW-005 - Security gateway end test
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