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Course Overview

The world of automotive is today focusing on 1 goal - reduce emissions!

For many they believe that this is targeted at diesel only, but in reality everything has be considered when trying to reduce emissions.

There is 1 thing however we cannot escape, when burning a fuel such as diesel or petrol, we release an array of harmful gasses into the atmosphere.

Why you ask?  Well petrol and diesel are both carbon based fuels, and as such contain Carbon and Hydrogen.
When they are burnt with the incoming air made from Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon monoxide, dioxide and many more, it leads to a undesirable cocktail.

The left over 'carbon' bonds with the oxygen to form Carbon dioxide, and the Nitrogen bonds to the Oxygen to form the group of gases known as "NOx".

This is where "after treatment" comes into play.  These systems are able to reduce or neutralise these harmful gasses before they leave the exhaust system, but knowing your EGR from your DPF, or your LNT from your Adblue is no easy task.

Leave it to our exhaust after treatment course to help guide you, and subscribe today.

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Course price
£220 (1 year) - part of our annual licence for all eLearning courses

This course includes:

  • Narrowband oxygen sensors
  • Wideband oxygen sensors
  • Nox Sensor
  • EGR valve (single)
  • EGR valve (twin)
  • NOx cat (LNT)
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor
  • Diesel particulate filters introduction
  • Selective catalytic convertors (SCR / Adblue)
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