UK-OT-EX1 Excel Level 1

Duration: 1.5 hours
Online Fuel Injection Diagnostic OBD Diagnostic

Course Overview

You may be wondering why a Microsoft Excel course is in a technical learning platform.
Well the answer is actually 2 fold, and these 2 answers allows you to see why learning a new skill is so important.

  1. Microsoft excel works in a very logical way.  Learning this software can help to teach logical ways of working, and that helps diagnose and fix vehicle faults better.
  2. We added in an exciting new function to the Delphi Diagnostic tool which allows you to explore live data in much more detail by exploring the data into Microsoft Excel.

Learn a new skill today - and get ahead of the rest.
A certificate is awarded on successful completion of this course.

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Course price
£220 (1 year) - part of our annual licence for all eLearning courses

This course includes:

  • Excel Stage 1
  • Data set 1 with formulas
  • Excel Stage 2
  • Data set 2 with formulas
  • Excel Stage 3
  • Data set 3 with formulas
  • Excel Level 1 end test

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