Vehicle Networking (UK-VE-CAN)

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Duration: 3 hour 40 minutes
Online Vehicle Electronics & Engine Management Technical Training

Course Overview

Vehicle networking was introduced to enable quicker communication, improved sharing of data, and importantly - less wiring.

These systems have grown in complexity, and without knowing the different variants and how they work, can be difficult to fault find.

This course covers the types of networks, and how the most common CAN bus communicates.

  • Audience
    Technicians, Managers
  • Skill level
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Course price
£220 (1 year) - part of our annual licence for all eLearning courses

This course includes:

  • Network configuration
  • Parallel communication
  • Serial communication
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: introduction
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: protocol
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: electrical ope
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: transmission l
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: topology
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: error detection
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: diagnosis
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