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    Delphi Product & Service Solutions launches first-to-market coverage on fuel pump SKUs

    Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 19:46

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    Delphi Product & Service Solutions (DPSS) launched a series of first-to-market fuel pump SKUs in January. With this release, Delphi – known among technicians for its quality fuel products – now offers the latest applications to provide more coverage across more vehicle makes, models and years. 

    Delphi is continually working to accelerate the addition of new part numbers to its fuel pump line. In total, DPSS launched 20 new fuel modules and five new fuel pump and strainer sets to its fuel management portfolio – eight of the fuel modules being first-to-market SKUs. These pumps cover more than 300,000 vehicles including Cadillac, Honda and Subaru applications from 2007 to 2015. 

    “We’re excited to bring our customers this first-to-market coverage,” says Kathy Jorge, Vice President, North America, Delphi Product & Service Solutions. “It is important that our customers have the most extensive Delphi coverage available to meet market demands. We will continue to focus on adding coverage, while maintaining our focus on quality.” 

    Every product sold is backed by OE engineering. For more than 80 years, Delphi has designed and manufactured fuel modules and pumps with dependable, reliable parts. Delphi has consistently been on the cutting edge of fuel pumps’ evolution – from manufacturing screw-tight mechanical fuel pumps in the 1930s to today’s GDI pumps made by Delphi. As a leading Tier 1 supplier to the top 25 global vehicle manufacturers, Delphi understands the service needs of vehicles and applies OE engineering and high quality standards to every part sold. 

    About Delphi: Delphi Automotive PLC is a high-technology company that integrates safer, greener and more connected solutions for the automotive and transportation sectors. Headquartered in Gillingham, U.K., Delphi operates technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support services in 46 countries. Visit

    Media Contact:
    Linda Overberg
    Regional Brand Manager

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