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    • Delphi Common Rail Injectors:
      Smart Design for High-Speed Peformance

    Delphi Common Rail Injectors

    Ten years ago, diesel got a bad rap. But today, the Delphi common rail is earning diesel a reputation for efficiency and power. Common Rail is the fuel injection system that meets strict emission regulations. It includes a high pressure pump, injector, rail, filter and ECU. 

    Proof that engineering a fine fuel mist, like a fine wine, gets better with time. 

    Please visit our DNA application to check your Common Rail Injector has been repaired by a Delphi Approved Workshop using Genuine OE Delphi parts.

    • Built to OE standards using the latest technology
    • Smart design for high-speed performance
    • Delivers precise fuel quantities
    • Provides optimal emissions control
    • Coverage for millions of vehicles on the road today