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    • Delphi Diesel Injectors:
      Installed in more than 30 million vehicles on the road today

    Diesel Injectors

    Tested to OE standards to be fast, accurate and efficient. Proven to significantly reduce emissions.

    Installed in more than 30 million vehicles on the road today. We could go on and on, but we’ll let our injectors do that.

    Please visit our DNA application to check your Common Rail Injector has been repaired by a Delphi Approved Workshop using Genuine OE Delphi parts.

    The Delphi Difference

    • Part of a complete Delphi diesel fuel injection system
    • For car, light commercial, agricultural and off highway vehicles
    • Common rail, mechanical injectors, two-stage injectors and needle lift sensor injectors
    • Balanced servo solenoid injector for common rail
    • Range of OE and all-makes nozzles for cost-effective repairs
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