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    • Delphi MaxStart Battery. Ready to Charge.
      Every time.

    Car Batteries in US - Canada

    Delphi MaxStart Batteries provide extended life, superior corrosion resistance and maximum power delivery. Delphi offers a full  line of conventional and AGM batteries so you can provide your customers with a solution based on their needs. Whether  they are looking for a great value or need a premium battery that can power all the electronics in today’s connected cars, Delphi has a battery for you. Delphi batteries cover a range of cold cranking power (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC) too. CCAs ensure the car starts when needed. RCs help run power accessories from heated seats to power windows to DVD players. And our top-of-the-line AGM batteries have two times the cycle life of conventional batteries and twenty times the vibration resistance.

    MaxStart AGM

    Higher reserve capacity for emergency power
    More power for today’s demanding electronics
    Designed to perform in extreme temperatures
    Backed by a 36-month Free Replacement warranty

    MaxStart 42

    High-performance starting power
    Reserve capacity for emergency power
    Meets or exceeds most vehicle requirements
    Backed by a 42-month Free Replacement warranty

    MaxStart 30

    Dependable starting power
    Reserve capacity power
    Long lasting and durable
    Backed by a 30-month Free Replacement warranty

    MaxStart 18

    Reliable starting power
    Powerful performance and value
    High-quality construction
    Backed by an 18-month Free Replacement warranty

    The Delphi Difference

    • More battery power for today’s demanding car electronics
    • High capacity for emergency power
    • Superior corrosion resistance
    • Backed by free replacement warranty
    • More about batteries
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