Fuel pump on a table in the foreground with Delphi Technologies robot and busy garage in the background

Delphi Technologies fuels business growth opportunities in the aftermarket with new fuel management program

Fuel pump on a table in the foreground with Delphi Technologies robot and busy garage in the background

The progressive launch of more than 200 new parts planned during 2020 will increase the program offering to more than 1,000 parts total, covering over 12,000 applications  

Aftermarket customers will soon be able to access market-leading coverage with a full-service fuel management solution: OE quality parts, diagnostics, and technical support 

WARWICK, UK, June 17, 2020 – Delphi Technologies, a pioneer in propulsion technologies, solutions, and services is extending its fuel offering in Europe. Building upon more than 80 years of original equipment (OE) expertise in fuel injection systems, its new fuel management program features all makes fuel pumps, modules, and assemblies, including the very latest in fuel module design, electronic and hydro-mechanical diagnostic tools and expert technical support. By providing the aftermarket with yet another full-service solution built around the needs of its customers, independent garages can offer a best-practice, OE quality fuel repair, no matter what vehicle enters their doors.

Jean-Francois Bouveyron, vice president, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket – EMEA, says “By combining the best of both worlds – a rich OE heritage and innovative aftermarket solutions – we are now able to take care of all our customer’s product, testing and training needs, in a single, all-encompassing solution. We’ve long been established as the leading fuel provider in North America, and we’re super excited to be bringing that same expertise and more, over here to Europe.”

Market-leading coverage in 2020

As a tier-one supplier to the world’s leading automakers, Delphi Technologies’ fuel pumps are fitted as OE to more than seven million vehicles yearly worldwide, including Volkswagen and PSA. These and other popular all makes applications will launch progressively during 2020, taking the total line-up to more than 1,000 parts and covering over 12,000 applications. To offer the best European coverage amongst OEM’s, Delphi Technologies’ continuous range development plans more than 200 new parts throughout the year. Customers will soon be able to access market-leading coverage on fuel handling as the company expects to reach 90% European parc coverage by the end of 2020.

Full-service solution 

Utilizing over 80 years of OE heritage in fuel injection systems and OE expertise in industry-leading gasoline direct injection (GDi) systems, the company brings an OE quality full-service solution to fuel handling in the aftermarket. With electronics now integrated into most modern fuel pumps, technicians will need access to an OE quality diagnostic tool. Supporting 55 vehicle brands and 2,010 vehicle models, Delphi Technologies’ DS diagnostic tool gives technicians the capability to test the fuel pressure regulator, adjust fuel pump adaptation values, and activate or deactivate the fuel pump. With expert technical support available online and via its dedicated hotline, aftermarket professionals will be able to perform a best-practice, fuss-free repair that leaves the vehicle owner completely satisfied and ensures valuable repeat business for the future.

Latest in fuel innovation 

The entire range also benefits from the companies’ technological leadership, including over 30 OE proprietary innovations and 150 patents, in fuel module and pump design. It’s very latest solution features anodized aluminum pump components that outlast other commonly used materials, an over-molded armature to protect pump windings against corrosion, and a new carbon commutator that is up to twice as durable as copper in aftermarket applications. As an added bonus, all petrol applications are instantly recognizable as Delphi Technologies thanks to an electric blue fuel pump top, module top cover and strainer material. 

“Our passion for innovation drives us to make a great product even better,” adds Bouveyron. “This new design demonstrates our commitment to supporting our customers’ businesses by offering pioneering solutions as well as providing industry-leading coverage in the aftermarket.”

For more on Delphi Technologies’ fuel program visit delphiaftermarket.com or delphicat.com.

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Delphi Technologies is a global provider of propulsion technologies that make vehicles drive cleaner, better and further. It offers pioneering solutions for internal combustion engine, hybrid and electric passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Delphi Technologies builds on its Original Equipment expertise to provide leading service solutions for the aftermarket. Headquartered in London (UK), the company operates technical centers, manufacturing sites, customer support service centers in 24 countries and employs more than 21,000 people around the world. Visit www.delphi.com to learn more.

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