Delphi Technologies Hartridge Sabre CRi

Delphi Technologies launch Hartridge advanced all-makes test solution for latest Common Rail injectors

Delphi Technologies Hartridge Sabre CRi

New Sabre CRi Expert delivers 2700 bar pressure for high quality injector diagnostics, test and repair

New magmahTouch software provides pay-as-you-go flexibility and advanced testing features

FRANKFURT, GERMANY – 11 September 2018 – Delphi Technologies announced today the launch of an ultra-high pressure Common Rail test machine. The Sabre CRi Expert, the latest addition to the Hartridge product line, also boasts a new software platform with advanced injector test functionality, that is only chargeable as and when it is used.


Featuring the same patented closed loop control system as the Sabre CRi Master, the Sabre CRi Expert maximises flow and ensures repeatability up to pressures of 2700 bar. Unlike many competitor machines, no air, water or three-phase supply is required, meaning that it’s much simpler and quicker to install, whilst being faster to operate. Cycle times are as fast as one minute per test step. It is also equipped with an intelligent cooling system so it no longer relies on periodic downtime for test results to remain stable and accurate.


“As injector technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, workshops are facing more complex challenges when diagnosing and repairing them,” comments Simon Quantrell, Managing Director, Hartridge. “The Sabre CRi Expert has been designed with this mind, providing unparalleled diagnostic, test and repair capability including injector recoding, all of which is accessible through a new pay-as-you-go software solution.”


Both the new Sabre CRi Expert, and its predecessor, the Sabre CRi Master, operate using Hartridge’s latest magmahTouch software. The innovative programme features additional high precision functionality including Nozzle Opening Pressure (NOP), Minimum Drive Pulse (MDP), Denso I-ART and all makes injector coding, with test plans for more than 400 injector part numbers.


The new software also offers smarter licensing, with a flexible pay-as-you-go solution for advanced functions. Instead of buying a generic annual license to unlock a test plan library or injector coding, users can buy credit bundle packs online at tailored to their own specific workshop requirements.


“The in-app purchase model is globally accepted and used effectively in many industries,” continues Quantrell. “By paying for only what is needed, when it is needed, it provides a far better return on investment for the workshop. At a time when the market is becoming increasingly cost sensitive, the new approach makes absolute sense.”


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