Delphi Technologies brakes are reliable in cold weather

Get your coat on! Cold weather protection for brake discs.

Delphi Technologies brakes are reliable in cold weather

Winter is a harsh time for vehicles and a busy season for garages. Temperature extremes and high levels of moisture, road dirt and salt, can all cause accelerated wear of critical components, especially in the brake system. It’s therefore more important than ever to conduct regular brake checks, and replace any worn or damaged components with OE quality parts, like Delphi Technologies’. But are there further steps you can take to add value and safety for your customers this winter? The simple answer is yes - fit Delphi coated brake discs too!

Just like your best weatherproof jacket, our coated discs offer maximum protection against colder climes. The special environmentally friendly, water and zinc-flake based, anti-corrosive coating, guards against falling temperatures, moisture, dirt, salt and grit and stays in place longer too – thanks to salt spray resistance of up to 240 hours compared with less than 100 hours for many partially painted discs.

Unlike other brands, we also coat the entire surface of the disc, including the top hat, outer rim, internal veins and friction surface. Oil-dipped or partially coated components cannot offer the same level of resilience by virtue of their make-up. Because of this road dirt, especially salt and grit during winter months, can penetrate unprotected crevices, leading to accelerated wear and tear, and overtime, a reduction in braking performance

Benefits stretch beyond enhanced performance, though. The special treatment means that there is no oil residue to clean off before fitment, allowing for a cleaner and faster installation - technicians can simply unpack and fit straight from the box.  Future replacement is also easier as the Geomet coating on the hub mounting surface results in less corrosion, which makes separating the hub and disc simpler. All this saves garages valuable time and money.

And of course, there’s the aesthetics. No one wants to look through a set of shiny new alloys to see a rusty looking disc – it kind of defeats the purpose. The good news is that with Delphi coated discs you won’t have to. The silver Geomet coating will not only ensure your customers have a set of great-looking discs, but they’ll stay looking that way for longer.

So as winter approaches, you best get your coat on. With a set of Delphi coated discs you’ll have good looking, long lasting cold weather protection that will keep your customers feeling warm and cozy throughout the season.


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