Much more than a pump #2: Leading European coverage

As a global leader in fuel technology, we combine over 100 years of OE heritage with innovative aftermarket solutions to offer the best of both worlds. Our aftermarket fuel program integrates OE expertise, leading vehicle coverage, and advanced diagnostic support to provide our customers with access to a full-service fuel management solution.

In part 1 of this 3 part series, we talked about how we integrate OE expertise in every fuel pump and module. For part 2, let’s take a look at our leading European coverage.



Why choose Delphi Technologies for aftermarket fuel pumps?

As a leading Tier 1 supplier to the top 25 global vehicle manufacturers, our fuel pumps are fitted as OE to more than 7 million vehicles worldwide every year. We understand the vehicles that technicians service every day. That’s why we are adding the same fuel pumps fitted on vehicles from top manufacturers like Volkswagen and PSA, as well as other popular all makes applications, to our new aftermarket fuel management program. By combining our OE expertise with innovative aftermarket solutions built around the needs of our customers, independent garages can soon offer OE quality fuel repair, no matter what vehicle enters their doors.

Market-leading coverage in Europe

To offer the best European coverage amongst OEMs, we are adding more than 200 fuel pumps and modules to our existing portfolio progressively throughout 2020. This will bring our total line up to over 1,000 part numbers, covering more than 12,000 applications for over 200 million vehicles in operation. With continuous range development, we plan to achieve 90% European parc coverage by the end of 2020. Our aftermarket customers will soon be able to access market-leading coverage and spend less time searching for the right part, the first time.

So we have an outstanding product and a great range, but we can do even better. Go to Part 3: Advanced diagnostic support to learn more about how our fuel program is much more than a pump- It’s a full service aftermarket solution.