Much more than a pump #3: Advanced diagnostic support

As a global leader in fuel technology, we combine over 100 years of OE heritage with innovative aftermarket solutions to offer the best of both worlds. Our aftermarket fuel program integrates OE expertise, leading vehicle coverage, and advanced diagnostic support to provide our customers with access to a full-service fuel management solution. 

In parts 1 and 2 of this 3 part series, we talked about our integrated OE expertise and leading European coverage. For our 3rd and final video, let’s take a look at our advanced diagnostic support.



How does Delphi Technologies offer more than a pump?

With electronics now integrated into most modern fuel pumps, technicians will need access to an OE quality diagnostic tool- Cue Delphi Technologies. With a diagnostic capacity running from a basic fault code analysis to testing the fuel pressure regulator to adjusting fuel pump adaptation values and activating or deactivating the fuel pump itself, our DS diagnostic tool can cover it all when it comes to the vehicle fuel system.

Or more accurately, 80% of the applicable vehicle parc in Europe.

Delphi Technologies’ DS diagnostic tool supports 55 vehicle brands and 2010 models with 49+ activation functions, 26+ adjust functions, and 8+ test functions to help keep garages a step ahead in servicing and maintaining every vehicle that enters their work bay. With our advanced diagnostic tool, workshops will be able to perform a high-quality fuel system repair that leaves the vehicle owner completely satisfied and ensures valuable repeat business for the future.

A full-service aftermarket solution for fuel

But our advanced diagnostics are not all we have to offer when it comes to supporting technicians. Our program provides expert technical service online or via a dedicated hotline, and in-depth training for all skill levels. Delphi Technologies’ DS diagnostic tool, coupled with expert technical training and support, brings together an outstanding combination of capability, coverage, and customer satisfaction to any fuel system repair job.

To learn more about our full-service aftermarket solution for fuel, contact your Delphi Technologies sales representative today.