Delphi Top Strut

New top strut mount programme brings new repair opportunities

Delphi Top Strut

Spring will see the emergence of an increasing number of potholes…and with it the timely introduction of a new top strut mount programme. Here we take a look at why the replacement market for top strut mounts is on the rise, and how garages and distributors can take advantage of this fast-growing opportunity with Delphi Technologies.  

Recent research suggests that seven out of every ten drivers have hit a pothole in the last year, with a quarter of them saying it has caused damage to their car. Whilst this is bad news for the vehicle owner, the opposite is true for the independent aftermarket, which is seeing an upturn in repairs as a result – largely to the steering and suspension system. One part that has profited from this, perhaps more than most, is the top strut mount. Designed to cushion noise and vibration, whist also acting as a steering pivot for a smooth and responsive ride, potholes and other road defects, are accelerating the wear and tear of this important component…meaning that more and more vehicle owners will be looking for a high-quality replacement.



To meet the increasing demand, we’ve recently launched a new programme of top strut mounts. The latest addition to our ever-expanding rubber-to-metal line-up, it includes more than 100 parts, fitted to over 7,000 vehicle applications such as BMW Mini, Ford Fiesta and VW Golf, to name a few. With many more parts planned later in the year. 

Although a new programme, each and every one of our top strut mounts benefits from the same rigorous quality standards as the rest of our rubber-to-metal range. Featuring high-quality rubber compounds, plated steel and superior bonding, they provide the perfect blend of strength and flexibility for a noise-free, comfortable and responsive ride. And with all the necessary fitting accessories in the box as per the OE, including OE bearings, they’ll ensure a quick, reliable and long-lasting repair too, whilst also saving garages time and money.

We can’t think of a better reason to fit Delphi Technologies’ top strut mounts…so stock up now and take advantage of this exciting market opportunity!

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