2020 Volkswagen (VW) Golf

Top marks! First to market front and rear brake pads for the new Volkswagen Golf Mk8.

2020 Volkswagen (VW) Golf

We didn’t think we’d leave it too long before we launched our next first-to-market application. So, we haven’t! Hot off the heels of our brake pads for the brand new Land Rover Defender 110, where we were quicker than everyone - even the VM - we’ve scored top marks again. This time with front and rear pads for the new 2020 Volkswagen (VW) Golf. Meaning you can access the repair opportunity on the very latest, but also the most popular vehicles, sooner.

Just take a look at the top three selling cars in any country…and chances are the VW Golf will be up there, if not at the very top. A stalwart of the last decade, it has dominated European car sales every year, selling more than 35 million since its launch back in 1974. And with the eighth-generation hatchback available for pre-order now, followed by an Estate and GTE, GTI, GTD and R performance models later in the year, it’s looking like there will be no let up. 

To ensure you can service this fast-growing fleet from day one, we already have 6 new pads covering the entire VW Golf 2020 line-up so far. This takes our total coverage on VW in Europe to over 99.5% on pads. 

A table showing the product numbers of brake pads for the VW Golf

Download a larger version of the chart below.

Like the rest of our range, they also feature our ‘Five Layers of Quality’…highly engineered friction formulations, OE noise-absorbing underlayer technology, shims, chamfers and slots…for guaranteed performance just like the OE. 

For more on our first-to-market pads for the VW Golf Mk8, and other latest generation vehicles, visit delphicat.com.