Engine management knock sensor

Engine Management

Arguably one of the smartest systems in any modern vehicle, the engine management system is responsible for the entire combustion process – mixing the right amount of fuel to the air entering the engine and igniting the compressed air/fuel mixture in the cylinder. In fact, it’s typically where the most advanced vehicle technologies are found, operating 30 plus components and approximately 50 computer modules to deliver the millions of lines of code that keeps the vehicle running efficiently … more than earning its reputation as the brains of the car. As a leading OE manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive range of sensing and actuating solutions for improved emissions control, fuel economy, and driveability.

Engine Management Product Range

  • ABS sensors: features latest digital signal technology for stability and reliability in all conditions 
  • Cam & crank sensors: OE engineered for long-lasting sensor protection and accurate readings
  • Cam phasers: patented OE technology for increased peak power at high rpm, reduced emissions and improved fuel economy
  • Coolant temperature sensors: OE fit, form and function for the best possible fuel injection and ignition timing
  • Differential pressure sensors: high sensor accuracy for precise control and measurement
  • EGR valves: OE precision for increased fuel economy and reduced emissions
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensors: features platinum resistive temperature device for fast activation times and broad temperature measurement
  • Knock sensors: OE design for optimum ignition timing and prevention of engine knock
  • MAF sensors: features fast response for optimal performance over a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • MAP sensors: OE engineered to resist output from other sensors and ignore noise interference for the right air-fuel mix
  • Oil pressure switches: Built to OE specification for accurate monitoring of the oil pressure and driver alert
  • Oxygen sensors: Patented planar OE technology for quicker closed-loop activation and reduced cold-start emissions
  • Throttle position sensors: OE design for optimum air and fuel delivery and improved engine performance 
  • Transmission speed sensors: engineered for accurate readings and peak transmission performance
The Delphi Difference
Rich OE expertise in engine management systems and components
Features patented, innovative OE technology
OE tested and calibrated to meet or exceed OE requirements
Subjected to rigorous testing for durability, performance and environmental compliance
OE-level training and advanced diagnostics including reset adaption, adjust/reset of the throttle actuator and EGR valve coding

Delphi Product Offering

Oxygen Sensors

Patented planar OE technology for quicker closed-loop activation and reduced cold-start emissions.