Engine Oils


Along with high quality parts, smart repair tools and comprehensive support, Delphi is proud to offer shops a variety of maintenance products. Are they as delicious as chocolate cake? No. But they will make you — and your customers — just as happy.

The Delphi Difference
Engine oils formulated for performance, packaged for quality
Refrigerant lubricants designed to meet OE specifications
Diesel + fuel treatment for improving engine performance
Batteries that are maintenance free (sold only in China)
Efficient filtration products for a wide range of applications

Delphi Product Offering

Diesel +

Delphi's Diesel +: Enhance Effectiveness and Maximize Cleaning Power

Engine Oils

Delphi Engine Oil: New additives integrated for top performance

Glow Plugs

Delphi Glow Plugs: Tested to Ensure Rapid Ignition and Consistent Performance


Delphi Refrigerant Oil: For Quiet, Long-Lasting Performance