Accumulator Dehydrator

Accumulator Dehydrators & Receiver Driers

While often overlooked in comparison to the compressor, the accumulator also plays a critical role in maintaining the A/C system's health, serving as an equalizer and reservoir for the refrigerant and oil necessary to protect the compressor. In fact, just think of it as the compressor's personal bodyguard. 

Same as the accumulator dehydrator, the receiver drier is the compressor's watchguard, making sure it has enough refrigerant and oil circulating throughout the system for optimal performance. The only difference from the AD? Where it is located in the A/C system flow and the vehicle application. 

The Delphi Difference
Lightweight in size, this heavyweight of compressor protection features aluminum construction
Calibrated oil return in the outlet tube for effective separation of liquid and vapor
A molecular sieve desiccant effectively controls moisture and helps protect the entire system against corrosion
You can trust you will get an exact fit every time due to its OE quality standards