Brake Shoes

Brake Shoes

Brake shoes are to drum brakes what pads are to disc brakes. When the brakes are applied, the shoe - a curved piece of metal lined with friction material on the outside - is pressed into the inside of the drum, creating the friction needed to slow and ultimately stop the vehicle. And just like pads, they must do this quickly and under control. Featuring high-quality friction linings, securely bonded to a high-strength steel frame, Delphi brake shoes are engineered to match the OE for braking power, stability and longevity.

High-performance linings

Delphi brake shoes use a tough, heat-resistant friction material, securely bonded to the backing with a high-strength, high-temperature adhesive. Combined, this makes for a strong, long-lasting shoe that delivers optimum stopping power and improved brake fade performance, just like the OE.

The Delphi Difference
Manufactured for OE performance, consistency and longevity
High performance linings securely bonded to shoe backing for maximum shear values
Strong and wear resistant shoe back with long-lasting corrosion protection
Range of drum and shoe kits for quick and accurate installation
Environmentally friendly, copper- free range years ahead of 2025 legislation

Strong and durable

The forces acting on the brake shoe are extremely high. Since the backing bears the brunt of this, all Delphi shoe backings are manufactured from a high-strength pressed steel to the same shape, design and dimensions as the OE. A special coating, highly resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals and moisture, helps to ensure long-lasting corrosion protection of all metal parts, for a strong and durable brake shoe.

OE matching – tests prove it

Need proof? We recently conducted extensive dimensional and material analysis of a brake shoe, fitted to a popular family car, against the OE and nine other leading aftermarket competitors. The Delphi shoe matched the OE in the critical areas of friction lining area, friction lining position and rim thickness, and in the case of web thickness, actually exceeded it, helping to ensure a much a stronger shoe that delivers the same standards of performance and longevity as the OE.


Quick and easy installation


We also offer a range of drum and shoe kits in un-assembled, pre-assembled or pre-mounted formats. All kits include the key items needed for a professional and efficient service; shoes, adjustor bars (in pre-assembled and pre-mounted kits only), wheel cylinders and a fitting kit containing springs and clips (fitted to the back plate in pre-mounted kits). The kits help to ensure a best-practice repair and offer significant labour and ramp savings.

Greener braking


Unlike many of our competitors, 100 percent of our friction linings are copper free. The newly improved and environmentally friendly friction formulation reduces copper content to no more than 0.5 percent, years ahead of the 2025 legislation mandating so, without compromising on braking performance, vehicle safety or the shoe’s service life.