Break Out Equipment

Break-Out Equipment

Our wide range of break-out cables and boxes lets you quickly find the cause of electrical faults with common rail injectors, and many other vehicle electronic components.


Our product range:

Harness Repair Leads

  • Avoids replacing complete harness
  • Facilitates work on the vehicle
  • Optimises repair times

ECU Break-out Boxes

  • Interface between ECU and the wiring loom
  • Allow use of multi-meter or oscilloscope to measure voltage, continuity, resistance and waveforms

Mini Break-out Boxes

  • Testing of sensors, actuators and electronic circuits
  • Avoids damage to components
The Delphi Difference
Identification of faults at an early stage
Eliminates unnecessary removal and refitting of components
Comprehensive range of break-out cables, boxes and harness repair kits available
Support Delphi Technologies and all- makes applications