Delphi Brake Discs


Without question, brakes are the most powerful, and important, system on your vehicle. The mechanical and thermal stresses acting on the brake disc itself are extremely high. For this reason it’s imperative they’re up to the job, and perform just as they’re intended. Like all our braking product, our discs are made to mirror the OE. That’s why if the OE disc has it, the Delphi disc has it too. Be it coated, cross drilled or high-carbon…it’s a given. So whatever the technology, you can be assured that every Delphi disc has been designed, engineered and manufactured to provide the very best braking performance. Just like the OE.

The Delphi Difference
Manufactured to meet the same standards of performance, consistency and longevity as the OE
Fully coated brake discs for improved corrosion resistance, aesthetics and reduced installation times.
ECE R90 certification for discs fitted to new vehicles launched after 1st November 2016, plus popular older applications.
Market leading range of discs with integrated bearings, ABS sensor rings and fixing screws for safer & quicker fitting.
High-carbon, directional vein and cross drilled discs available for longer-lasting, high-performing braking.
One-piece cast iron solution offering the same standards of consistency, longevity and braking performance as the BMW patented bi-metallic disc.

Fully coated brake discs

Thanks to a special zinc-flake, silver Geomet coating, combined with the fact that we cover the entire surface, Delphi’s coated brake discs offer greater corrosion protection compared with oil-dipped or partially painted and coated equivalents, whilst also being more cosmetically appealing. The coating also stays in place longer, with salt spray resistance of up to 240 hours, versus less than 100 hours for many partially painted discs. And because they have no oil to clean off, they save valuable labour and service time. All this makes for a better protected disc that’s easier to install, easier to dismount…as well as being easy on the eye too. You can’t ask for more than that!

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ECE R90 certified discs

It should come as no surprise that our brake discs for new vehicles launched post 1st November 2016 are R90 certified, alongside a range of discs fitted to popular older vehicle applications. After all, as a leading tier-one OE manufacturer we’ve been meeting these quality standards for many years – our discs have always been engineered, tested and validated to meet the same levels of performance and durability as the OE. The only difference today…Delphi discs now undergo official ECE R90 testing schedules, mainly in Germany, including the same performance, dynamic friction comparison, high load integrity and thermal fatigue analysis to formally certify that it performs to a prescribed tolerance of the OE part it is intended to replace.

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High-carbon discs

Our high-carbon discs use twice the amount of carbon than our normal discs. Why is that good? Simply put, the added carbon provides improved thermal behaviour and greater stability for even better performance. This helps to both reduce the risk of thermal cracking under high-temperature loads, and allows the discs to operate at a cooler temperature, for a more consistent braking performance. It also increases their resistance to distortion or warping for added durability and, of course, looks. All while delivering noise and judder free braking.

Cross-drilled discs

As well as looking cool from behind your wheels, Delphi’s cross-drilled discs will keep your brakes feeling the same way – cool. Designed with specific performance requirements in mind, the cross-drilled holes dissipate heat, and eliminate any brake dust or gases generated when the pads come into contact with the discs. This helps to keep the pad surface both cool and clean and reduce thermal distortion and warping. These same holes also prevent a film of water forming during wet conditions for improved braked response. And some feature a special venting technology helping to improve cooling capacity and increase resistance to cracking caused by thermal shock.

Discs with bearings

There’s no need to find your bearings with Delphi. That’s because these safety critical components are already pre-mounted in a range of discs, in order to ensure the correct pressing in of the bearing. They also include both toothed and magnetic ABS sensor rings, as per the OE, to ensure the correct operation of the ABS and other functions. And they come with the relevant fixing accessories too. All for quick and accurate installation.

One-piece cast iron discs

Our one-piece cast iron discs give the same standards of consistency, longevity and of course, braking performance as BMW’s patented two-piece bi-metallic composite disc, without infringing upon their design. But that’s not all! Delphi’s OE-matching discs are also fully coated, vented and high-carbon helping to reduce noise, vibrations and brake judder, whilst providing a long-lasting resistance to rust and a more aesthetic appearance. And to top it off, they come with fixing screws for quicker and easier fitting.