Fuel pump

Fuel Modules and Fuel Pumps

When it comes to building fuel modules, Delphi applies its OE heritage and technological leadership to deliver the highest level of performance and customer satisfaction. Delphi engineers each fuel module with the same stringent standards we apply to the parts we make for Chrysler, Ford, GM and other OEMs. 

Independent Test Results Prove Our Superior Quality

Delphi’s commitment to quality was validated by an independent test facility in July 2016. Fuel pumps for identical applications, from Delphi and three other competitors, were monitored in an extensive durability test to simulate today’s corrosive environment including ethanol fuel. The test was conducted at room temperature capturing flow performance, pressure and current draw.

Delphi was the only brand to have all its fuel pumps outlast this durability test. The Delphi unit’s brush and commutator wear was even and minimal, while competitive units had complete wear down.

100+ Years of OE Heritage

Delphi fuel assemblies are built with OE-tested and validated components. As a world leader in fuel pump technology and an OE manufacturer, we design and build our fuel modules and hanger/senders with dependable, reliable parts that you and your customers can trust. 

Built to Withstand Today’s Fuels

With gasoline retailers now authorized to sell alcohol fuel blends containing 15 percent ethanol, Delphi fuel pumps have undergone durability testing to ensure that they withstand up to 22 percent ethanol. In addition, Delphi has proactively upgraded many older model fuel pump/module designs with the latest technologies so that your Delphi replacement fuel pumps will perform properly in today’s environment.

Supplier to Global OEMs

As a leading Tier 1 supplier to the top 25 global vehicle manufacturers, we understand the vehicles that technicians service and apply our OE engineering and high quality standards to every part.

The Delphi Difference
Engineered with the same stringent standards applied to the parts we make for the top global OEMs.
Durability tested up to 150,000 miles and in more than 20% ethanol for superior reliability.
Manufacturer of dependable fuel delivery parts for over 80 years.
Holder of more than 30 OE-proprietary innovations and 150 patents.

About Fuel Assemblies

Delphi fuel assemblies are designed to deliver an immediate, uninterrupted flow of fuel to the engine’s fuel rail and injectors at the specified system pressure, resulting in more efficient operation. Additionally, where required, our fuel assemblies include integrated fuel level sensing components that deliver an accurate reading of the fuel level in the tank to the fuel gauge and ECM/PCM. Fuel modules and hanger/senders typically include a fuel vapor pressure sensor that detects any leaks in the fuel tank or associated evaporative emissions components.

Why Do Fuel Assemblies Fail?

Original equipment fuel modules and hanger/senders, which house the electric fuel pump, typically operate for seven to 10 years before failure, depending on a variety of circumstances. Premature failures can be caused by extreme hot/cold environments, contaminated fuel or excessively running a vehicle on an empty tank. Running near empty does not keep the fuel pump fully submerged and can cause the pump to overheat.


Delphi fuel pumps, modules, and hanger pump assemblies are known in the aftermarket for superior quality and durability.

The Delphi Difference

  • Increased terminal size and enhanced connectors eliminate excessive electrical resistance, improve heat dissipation and boost current flow capacity.

  • Fill limit vent valve vents fuel tank and shuts off tank fill nozzle.

  • Integrated fuel pressure regulator maintains pressure at fuel rail.

  • High durability gold compound fuel level sensor for improved long-term sensor integrity.

  • Patented Gen IV turbine pump provides better pumping with less energy use and withstands today’s harsh alcohol fuel blends.