HD3000 High Pressure Diagnostic Tool

HD3000 High Pressure Diagnostic Tool

Designed for specialist workshops, our patented HD3000, part number YDT840, simplifies the diagnosis of faults with current and future-generation diesel and gasoline high pressure fuel systems, on all vehicle types. With one tool users will be able to safely set and electronically control any pressure testpoint , up to 3000 bar, in order to investigate the full range of pressures and analyse the performance of the fuel injection system – previously this level of flexibility, accuracy and pressure capability could only be achieved with a system-dedicated test bench. Containing an electronic control device, hydraulic block and electrical device, it incorporates multiple dedicated test routines, as well as an IMV cleaning procedure. All this can be achieved without changing any ECU parameter, dismantling the fuel injection system, or taking the vehicle out on a road test – helping workshops save valuable time and deliver faster service turnarounds.

The Delphi Difference
Complete on-vehicle, all-makes hydraulic diagnostic package for all high-pressure fuel systems, up to 3000 bar
Incorporates multiple dedicated test routines for thorough analysis of all pressure related functions
Additional cleaning procedure to remove the lacquering off the IMV, returning it to as good as new
Compatible with current and future- generation diesel and gasoline high pressure fuel systems: Common Rail, GDi, EUI and EUP
Supports all vehicle types: passenger car, light commercial vehicle, agricultural and heavy truck
Compatible with full range of mini break-out-boxes for increased coverage of electrical systems
Automatic detection capability ensures the right current is applied to the vehicle’s electrical valve, allowing the tool to drive it correctly and safely

The HD3000 features multiple simple and functional tests including:

  • Pump capacity test under cranking: checks the pump’s ability to create pressure under cranking.
  • Pump capacity routine test for Delphi applications: checks the pump’s capacity to generate both the requested pressure and flow using the diagnostic routine.
  • Pump capacity test without routine for all makes: tests the pump’s capacity to generate pressure at idle by manually controlling the vehicle actuators - this mode is for both Delphi and all makes applications without a predefined routine in the engine ECU.
  • Injector return flow under load at idle: checks the operation of the injectors under load (pump capacity requirement) at idle.
  • HPV leak test: tests the operation of the HPV by manual control.
  • IMV cleaning: removes lacquering from the IMV, returning them to their original specification -requires solvent cleaner, part number 9001-908.

It also offers several system specific tests:

  • Delphi heavy duty systems: measures peak pressure during cranking on F2E systems, plus cranking and running pressure on EUP systems.
  • Heavy duty Common Rail systems: performs same tests as light duty up to 3000bar.
  • GDI systems: measures the natural cranking pressure.
  • As the HD3000 is fitted with a pressure sensor, you can also use it to check for any drift of the electrical characteristics of the pressure sensor fitted on the engine rail. The values can be compared directly with those measured by the HD3000 pressure sensor when connected to the high-pressure system.