Ask the Right Questions During Compressor Diagnosis
Air Conditioning Compressor

Ask the following questions below during diagnosis, as they could indicate the compressor or clutch overheated due to a system-related problem.

  • Are there indications of over cycling of the compressor clutch? Is the paint on the clutch face burnt or melted?
  • Does the clutch show evidence of overheating due to slippage?
  • Is there a blue-black appearance to the clutch face due to overheating?
  • Are rubber cushions on the clutch melted?
  • Are the labels on the compressor body bubbled or melted?

We also recommend inspecting the clutch oil connector for damage from a misaligned drive belt, checking for low voltage at the clutch electrical connector to see if there is a vehicle wiring issue and checking the compressor port for evidence of contamination and debris.