Course Overview

Today's vehicle can brake and stop without driver intervention, providing collision avoidance, the systems can acknowledge pedestrians and cyclists as well as stationary and moving vehicles. This course looks at the way the system, sensors and actuators work to achieve this.

It will involve using multimeters and Oscilloscopes to test sensors individual output.

Length 1 day.
Audience Technicians want in-depth training on advanced braking systems.
Skill Level Diagnostic or Master Technician.
Guidance Technicians looking for an in-depth knowledge of the automated braking and diagnosis of braking systems.
Course Content
  • Autonomous braking.
  • Operation of electronic anti-lock braking and anti-skid control systems.
  • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB).
  • Operation of hydraulic and Electronic Control Units (ECU), wheel speed sensors, load sensors, hoses, cables and connectors.
  • Relationship and interaction of ABS braking systems with other vehicle systems – e.g. traction control.