Course Overview

Ever tighter emissions controls are leading to highly advanced system components and control to enable efficient diagnosis of these systems technicians require an in-depth understanding of the hardware and software associated with these systems. This course will equip technicians with the knowledge and confidence to develop a solid and logical approach to fault diagnosis using a process of elimination to arrive at a “right first time” repair.

Length 1 day.
Audience This course is for technicians who require training on the more advanced aspects of diesel engine management systems, developments in component technology, emissions control and associated sub-systems.
Skill Level Diagnostic or Master Technician.

Technicians will need a good understanding the operation and diagnosis of both the hydraulic and electrical systems found on the latest common rail diesel vehicles - this will then build that knowledge to an expert level.

Completion of CR1 & CR2 is recommended.

Course Content
  • Using injector adaption live data.
  • Using the new HD3000 (YDT840) common rail test equipment, for high pressure and  ow testing up to 3000 bar.
  • Using low pressure test equipment.
  • Operation and diagnosis of key emission control components.
  • How you would use a J2534 pass-thru device in diagnosis and repair.