Course Overview

The course is designed to provide technicians new to the product with an overview of the features and functionality of the tool. It covers the history of pass thru, and will include setting up the tool, accessing vehicle manufacturers websites, setting up accounts and using the tool to re-flash vehicle software.

Length 5 hours.
Audience Customers new to the DS Flash Product.
Skill Level Service, Diagnostic or Master Technician.
Guidance It is essential that customers who attend this course already have a good knowledge on vehicle electrical systems and diagnostic techniques. This helps to ensure that vehicles are not re-flashed where it is not required.
Course Content
  • The DS Flash - what's included.
  • History of J2534.
  • Using the DS Flash.
  • Using the battery support unit.
  • Accessing VM websites.
  • Setting up VM accounts.
  • VM access costs.
  • DS Flash support.
  • Software update on a vehicle.