Course Overview

The course will build on the knowledge of the previous GDI course. It will incorporate detailed system testing of the elctrical components, and the hydraulic system upto 600 bar using the latest testing equipement (Delphi YDT840).

It will cover common faults as well as using live data effectively, and how to use an Osciliscope to confindently diagnose GDI.

Length 1 day.
Audience Technicians looking for a greater knowledge of direct injection gasoline engine management systems.
Skill Level Service or Diagnostic Technician.
Guidance An understanding of GDI systems or successful completion of GDI.
Course Content
  • GDI system and pressure overview.
  • Common symptoms and faults.
  • Using an oscilloscope on GDI components.
  • Using high pressure gasoline hydraulic equipment.
  • Hydraulic connection differences.