Course Overview

With modern vehicles employing many separate electrical systems, it is vital that the correct system is identified prior to diagnosis. This course will give you the confidence and capability to accurately identify which system requires diagnosis, maximizing your time and profitability. It will focus on practical, hands-on vehicle testing, whilst also providing a solid understanding of the techniques involved in successful diagnosis.

Length 1 day.
Audience Technicians looking for an in-depth knowledge of electrical systems, measurements and diagnostic strategy.
Skill Level Diagnostic or Master Technician.
Guidance An understanding of electrical fundamentals or successful completion of VE1 module.
Course Content
  • Basic electrical principles.
  • Functionality and use of diodes in a system.
  • Voltage regulation in systems.
  • Transistors in the modern ECU.
  • Hall-effect devices.
  • Piezo-electric components.
  • Oxygen sensors.
  • Analogue and digital electronics.
  • Analogue to digital and digital to analogue conversion.
  • PWM control.
  • ECU structure and communication.
  • Oscilloscopes.