Technician using diagnostic tool in front of car

Course Overview

The course is designed to provide technicians with the knowledge required to operate the YDT35 & YDT35-B, safely connect and test all types of common rail fuel injectors and make an informed decision on the serviceability of injectors.

Length 4 hours.
Audience Customers new to the YDT35-B.
Skill Level Service, Diagnostic or Master Technician.
Guidance A good general understanding of common rail diesel is desirable. Knowledge on injector operation and specific design types is not required, and will be covered during the course.
Course Content
  • Setting up the YDT35 / 35-B.
  • Test oil and filter(s) replacement.
  • Maintenance of the YDT35.
  • Recognising Common Rail Injectors.
  • Electrical units explained (Ohms, Watts, Volts).
  • Pre-checks on solenoid injectors before fitting.
  • Testing Solenoid injector operation Delphi, Bosch, Siemens VDO, Denso.
  • Pre-checks on Piezo injectors before fitting.
  • Testing Piezo Injector operation Bosch, Siemens, VDO, Denso.
  • Injector opening pressure check.
  • Example guidance data.