Petrol fuel injectors

Petrol Fuel Injection

Demand for gasoline direct injection (GDi) technology is increasing - several research firms project the global GDi market will grow in excess of 10 percent annually through 2026. And when paired with electrification technologies, growth is forecast well into the next decade. As a leading OE manufacturer, Delphi Technologies is perfectly positioned to help you take advantage of this exciting opportunity. In addition to the latest generation OE technology, our GDi service programme includes the OE parts, tools and know-how to service this fast-growing, high-performance technology.


The Delphi Difference
Industry-first 350 bar technology reduces emissions and improves fuel economy
Aftermarket service programme including OE injectors, pumps and service kits
Comprehensive electronic and hydraulic diagnostic solution for quick and accurate diagnostics
Specialist training giving you the knowledge to service the latest GDi technology

Raising the bar with OE technology

Our industry-first Multec® 14 (M14) 350-bar pressure injection system raises the bar, taking injection pressure from 200 to 350 bar. By injecting smaller droplets into the combustion chamber faster, the latest generation system delivers fewer hydrocarbons and particulate emissions – up to 70 percent - and increased fuel savings. And if that’s not enough, we’re already working on a 500 bar solution. 

Our industry-first Multec® 14 (M14) 350-bar pressure injection system takes injector pressure to 350 bar


OE expertise in the aftermarket

We bring our OE expertise to the aftermarket too. Our GDi service programme features our award winning Multec® GDi multi-hole fuel injectors for optimised fuel delivery and combustion, low noise GDi high pressure fuel pumps and service kits, giving you access to OE parts for a high-quality, competitive service. Understand more about the common service issues with GDi.

More than parts

We also offer a comprehensive electronic and hydraulic diagnostic solution including our proven on-board DS diagnostic tool, a high-pressure diagnostic kit, HD3000, allowing technicians to safely set and electronically control any pressure test point up to 3000 bar and a wide-ranging low-pressure tester, LP35.

Training from the OE experts

Want to learn more about GDi servicing? Our range of one day specialist training courses combines theory with practical, on-vehicle exercises and cover key topics such as component operation, common systems and faults, using high pressure gasoline and more. Giving you the skills and know-how to service the latest GDi equipped vehicles.