Frequently Asked Questions ; Diagnostics

What is the Delphi Technologies DS tool?

The DS tool is the Delphi Technologies OBD diagnostic solution targeting multi-brand workshops and making it possible to diagnose and service personal cars, light-commercial vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles.

What are the differences between DS-nano™, DS150E, and DS450E?

  • DS150E is the Delphi Technologies Vehicle Communication Interface. It works in conjunction with the full diagnostics software covering all features and all systems offered by Delphi Technologies. It allows technicians to perform advanced diagnostic operations.
  • DS450E Car is a DS150E delivered with a preconfigured and ready to use tablet with car software.
  • DS450E Truck is a DS150E delivered with a preconfigured and ready to use tablet with heavy-duty software, and a set of adaptor cables.
  • DS-nano™ is a Delphi Technologies Vehicle Communication Interface based on the same proven design and technology as the DS150E. It works in conjunction with a “limited” version a DS150E software. The DS-nano™ software covers the primary vehicle systems that a technician needs access to, in order to perform the regular maintenance of a vehicle.

Who is the tool for?

The DS tool is open to all workshops whatever their type and their level of expertise. It is a perfect fit for multi-brand workshops.

Which functions and systems does the tool manage?

The tool manages many functions such as Intelligent System Scan, Intelligent System Identification, Flight Recorder, Report functions, VIN decoding, Battery voltage monitoring, Read/Erase Fault codes, Diagnostics history, Adjustments/Calibrations, Component activation, Real Time Data and much more.

Which brands and models does it cover?

The tool currently covers 64 car brands, 1163 car models, 74 heavy-duty brands, and 685 heavy-duty models. The tool is under continuous development with a high annual growth rate of the vehicles database.

How frequently does Delphi Technologies release software updates?

To continuously keep the user up-to-date and capable of diagnosing the latest generation vehicles, Delphi Technologies releases three major updates and up to nine intermediate updates per year.

Can I install both car and heavy-duty software on the same PC/tablet?

Yes. Both software packages work on the same unit. 

Which Operating System is required for the Delphi Technologies DS software?

The DS software works on Windows platforms.

Does the tool need a license?

Yes. The user needs to activate a CAR and/or a HEAVY-DUTY license to run the tool.

Does the tool include access to the Vehicle Technical Information to support Diagnostics and Repair?

The car license includes a selected content of Vehicle Technical Information helpful to perform diagnostics and repair operations on personal cars and light-commercial vehicles.
It can always be upgraded to the “VTI Ultimate” level to unlock even wider access to Vehicle Technical Information. 
The HEAVY-DUTY license doesn’t include any access to the VTI. The latter must be purchased as an add-on.

How can I get access to the Vehicle Technical Information?

Please contact your nearest Delphi Technologies distributor and purchase a license for car and/or HEAVY-DUTY VTI. A free account can be created on http://www.directevolution.com/ to view several examples of what the VTI looks like and what type of content it includes.

What is the price of the hardware?

Please contact your nearest Delphi Technologies distributor to get a quotation.

What is the price of the license?

Please contact your nearest Delphi Technologies distributor to get a quotation.

What is the warranty period offered?

Delphi Technologies offers the standard warranty on its products. However, a lifetime warranty is offered on the VCI provided the license is valid and has never been interrupted.

Do I need adaptor cables for specific vehicles?

Vehicles that need specific adaptor cables can also be diagnosed by the DS tool. Delphi Technologies has a wide range of cable sets.

Are the adaptor cables included in the DS tool kit?

The DS150E and DS450E car do not include an adaptor cable.
The DS450E HEAVY-DUTY includes a set of adaptor cables.

I have a Delphi Technologies DS tool and need technical support. Where can I get it?

Contact Delphi Technologies Service Operations of your country.
The contact details are country-specific.
If you do not find the contact details of your specific country, please send an email to [email protected]

Is the DS tool capable of diagnosing the latest vehicles using DoIP technology?

Yes. A DoIP adaptor is available in the Delphi Technologies range under the Part Number SV60150.

Is the DS150E tool compatible with the Vehicle Manufacturers Pass-thru software?

No. Delphi Technologies has developed a specific range of DS-FLASH products for this purpose.

What is a security dongle?

A security dongle is a tiny USB dongle paired with the VCI. It is mandatory to run the Delphi Technologies DS software and it guarantees to the end-user he is using a genuine and safe product; benefiting from the quality and services of a diagnostic tool manufacturer with an OE pedigree.