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Combined Inverter and DC/DC Converter

Delphi Technologies Combined Inverter and DC/DC Converter (CIDD) is our OE solution for hybrids (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), and battery electric vehicles (BEV) that delivers maximum power density in a lighter, smaller, cost-effective package.

As the market for electric cars rapidly increases, independent aftermarket garages will need the right replacement part for the repair. That’s why Delphi Technologies is offering exact OE performance with our power electronic aftermarket parts.

The Delphi Difference
Exact OE performance
All-in-one unit that simplifies service and repair
Superior robust design with zero wire bonds
High power density using OE patented silicon power switch
OE Part Number Applications DT Part Number
12368487431 BMW 225XE (F45) , X1 (F49), M5 Sedan (F60) PFV10000-12B1

What is the difference between an inverter and DC/DC converter in an electric vehicle?

Much like how internal combustion engines and alternators work together on conventional vehicles, hybrid cars and electric motors use inverters and converters to manage power to and from the battery pack to the motors and other on-board systems.

Inverters transform direct current (DC) from the battery into alternating current (AC) to power the vehicle. Inverters also control the motor and convert it to a generator, transferring braking energy back into the battery. 

Converters control the DC voltage from the battery, either stepping it up or down based on the system and the power needed. DC/DC converters usually step down the high voltage from the battery pack to the 12-volts used by radios, headlights, and more. 

An OE solution for aftermarket power electronics

Inverters and converters work together to manage the vehicle's electric drive and accessory systems. However, many of today’s inverters and converters can be complex, expensive, and prone to failure from excessive heat. They are also heavy and take up a lot of room on the vehicle, compromising both trunk and passenger compartment space. Delphi Technologies OE solution combines the inverter and DC/DC converter into one unit.

Delphi Technologies CIDD is cost-effective and saves vital weight and space in hybrids (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), and electric vehicles (EV). And by leveraging patented OE technology - Viper-enabled inverter’s double-sided cooling - it tackles the issue of overheating, allowing higher power outputs from a smaller package and increased range.


Combined Inverter and DC/DC Converter (CIDD)

Product image of Delphi Technologies CIDD
  • Enhances durability and reliability through features designed to withstand under the hood and environmental factors such as debris and temperature extremes.
  • Improves voltage distribution functionality, enabling both low-side and high-side power for everything from headlights to power steering and air conditioning systems.
  • Provides maximum packaging flexibility and space savings by moving the DC/DC unit from its standard location in the rear to the front of the vehicle.
  • Enables better power range and minimizing power losses through the elimination of cabling, cooling hoses, connections, and housings, all while simplifying maintenance and repair.

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