Vehicle brake drums

Brake Drums

The lesser known cousin to the brake disc, brake drums work on the same principles as their front wheel equivalent. And although they’re subject to less braking force – over two-thirds occurs at the front – brake drums contribution to the vehicle’s safety should never be underestimated. In fact, rear brakes are essential for the stability and control of the vehicle, the functionality of the handbrake, and of course, stopping power. That’s why every drum brake we make is engineered to exacting OE standards for exceptional braking performance time and time again.

The Delphi Difference
Precision manufactured for optimum braking under load and high temperatures
Heat conductive cast iron provides excellent thermal stability
Marked with maximum diameter and traceability code
Range of drum and shoe kits for quick and accurate brake drum servicing

Quality materials

Delphi brake drums are precision manufactured on a digitally controlled production line, using only high-grade, heat-conductive cast iron. Since heat builds up within the brake drum under heavy braking, reducing its performance, choosing a drum with excellent thermal properties, such as Delphi’s, is essential


Easier servicing brake drums

As the brake shoes wear material from the drum’s surface, its diameter increases. For ease of servicing, and quick identification of parts that need replacing, all our drum brakes are marked with the maximum diameter, in addition to a traceability code.




Best-practice drum repairs

For a quick and accurate repair, we also offer a range of drum and shoe kits in un-assembled, pre-assembled or pre-mounted formats. Including the key items needed for a professional and efficient service - shoes, adjustor bars (in pre-assembled and pre-mounted kits only), wheel cylinders and a fitting kit containing springs and clips (fitted to the back plate in pre-mounted kits), they help to ensure a best-practice repair, while offering significant labour and ramp savings.