Electronic Injector Test Kit

Electronic Injector Test Kit

With today’s Common Rail injector technology, it’s no longer sufficient to just measure resistance to check a coil’s health – you also need to measure inductance for an immediate and accurate assessment. Previously separate tools would have been needed for this. Not with our Electronic Injector Test kit. Otherwise known as the ‘buzz tool,’ or part number YDT720, you’ll be able to quickly test the electrical integrity of all makes of solenoid Common Rail injectors on vehicle. The simple,hand-held tool measures the injectors core criteria, allowing you to quickly compare values and identify if any are not within a comparable performance range, or confirm specific electronic failures which may indicate an unrepairable injector. You can also use it in conjunction with our solvent cleaning kit to resolve early-stage lacquering. All with just one tool, saving significant time and cost for the garage.

The Delphi Difference
Quick and accurate diagnostics of all makes of solenoid Common Rail injectors both on and off vehicle
Combines a digital multimeter, megohmmeter, millohmeter, LCR meter and signal generator in a single, economical and easy to use hand-held tool
Allows the user to compare values between the injectors and identify individual injector failures
Provides capability to check electrical integrity of an injector prior to commencing repair
Tests both coil resistance and inductance for an immediate and accurate assessment
Ability to drive the valve to make it ‘buzz,’ proving the valve is not stuck from lacquering deposits
Complete range of adapter cables supplied with the kit for all-makes coverage
Resolves early stage lacquering when used in conjunction with the solvent cleaning kit.