False Actuator Diagnostic Kit

False Actuator Diagnostic Kit

Designed to work in conjunction with the Sealed Rail diagnostic kit, the False Actuator kit, part number YDT410, enables interrogation of the pump when a reduction in Common Rail system pressure has been identified. Simply fit the false actuator when maximum pressure cannot be generated using the sealed rail and vehicle actuator, to allow the pump to generate full system pressure. If the pump generates the correct pressure, then the vehicle actuator is considered faulty and should be replaced. On the other hand, if the pressure is still below the required level then there is a mechanical failure within the pump. It’s as easy as that!

델파이의 차이점
Ability to isolate actuator and mechanical faults on Common Rail pumps when used with the Sealed Rail diagnostic kit
On-vehicle testing prevents the need for complete system removal and refit
Compatible with Common Rail pumps manufactured by Delphi Technologies, Bosch, Siemens and Denso
Test data provided for every system covered by the kit
Training and technical support available