Other Sensors

As a leading OE manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive range of sensing and actuating solutions for improved emissions control, fuel economy, and driveability. Our high quality engine sensors line is backed by stringent OE development and product validation methods. 

Part sensors other sensors

Other Sensors


ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

Features the latest digital signal technology for maximum signal to noise ratio, as well as stability and reliability in all conditions.

MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensors

Our MAP sensors are designed to perform in harsh environments and are vibration-resistant for a longer life.

Camshaft/Crankshaft Position Sensors

Our cam/crank position sensors maintain ideal emissions even during drastic temperature changes and are manufactured to meet or exceed OE requirements.

Coolant and Oil Temperature Sensors

OE fit, form and function for the best possible fuel injection and ignition timing. Our coolant temperature sensors resist stress and vibration for long-lasting accuracy. They feature a high-temperature thermoplastic shell for durability and 100% resistance calibration verification for quality and reliability.
Part sensors throttle position sensor

Throttle Position Sensors

OE design for optimum air and fuel delivery and improved engine performance. They are engineered and tested to meet or exceed OE requirements, including mounting and performance specifications. Contact-less technology means lower failure rates and prolonged component life. 

Knock/Detonation Sensors

Our knock sensors signal the ECM to advance or delay ignition timing and help ensure peak engine performance while reducing potential damage to internal engine components. Sealed to withstand humidity, salt spray, and automotive fluids.
Part sensors transmission speed sensor

Transmission Speed Sensors

Engineered for accurate readings and peak transmission performance. Our speed and position sensors feature a single-element design for long-lasting sensor protection.
Part sensors ride height sensor

Ride Height Sensors

Designed to perform in the most demanding automotive environments, including rocks, mud, salt, ice, and snow. 

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