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Delphi: Partner with a Pioneer

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In article, you will learn how Delphi meets the high expectations drivers demand from their vehicles. 

Drivers demand more from their vehicles, expecting them to run as reliably in year 10 as they did in year one. Delphi is ideally positioned to meet such high expectations. With the best of both worlds – a rich OE heritage and innovative aftermarket solutions – we help deliver serviced vehicles so they drive safer, better and further, just like the day they drove off the assembly line.

As a global pioneer in many areas of OE technology, Delphi is expanding our aftermarket product portfolio in areas where we have unique and genuine OE expertise to help our customers grow profitably.

We are focused on delivering excellence in the 5 core areas of our portfolio:

  • Gasoline fuel systems
  • Diesel fuel systems
  • Vehicle electronics and engine management
  • Maintenance solutions
  • Diagnostics and technical support

Gasoline fuel systems

With our OE knowledge and fuel expertise in the aftermarket, our portfolio includes fuel delivery modules, fuel pumps, and injectors, for both PFI and GDi applications. GDi technology has been in OE production for some years and is becoming one of the preferred options to meet regulations. As pioneers in the industry, we were first to market with our OE 350 bar GDi injectors, pump, and rail, offering a higher pressure solution that reduces particulates by 70% over traditional 200 bar systems. 

Diesel fuel systems

As diesel continues to be the fuel solution of choice for commercial vehicles as well as premium light-duty applications (with engines > 2 L), our flexible architecture provides a full range of options for our OE customers with a whole host of opportunities for the aftermarket. Our portfolio includes diesel pumps, injectors, repair parts, SRA - SCR, and filtration.

Electronics and engine management

Regulations are becoming more stringent. Lower emissions and improved fuel efficiency have changed the landscape of the automotive industry. According to industry experts, half of the new vehicles sold globally in 2030 will be electrified in some way. All those vehicles will need power electronics to be able to move, and the aftermarket needs to move forward with the industry. Pioneering the way forward, we are helping our customers repair electrified vehicles and we are also committed to providing training to make sure technicians are ready to service the next generation of vehicles.

Maintenance solutions

When garages receive components from Delphi, they will be in the same branding, and quality, as our deliveries to the vehicle manufacturers’ assembly lines. The maintenance solution includes braking, air conditioning, and steering and suspension. To understand how these products are incorporated into our portfolio, let’s look at the big picture: Vehicles need to Start – Go – Stop. Start with our ignition and fuel injection systems. Go comfortably with our air conditioning, steering and suspension systems. Stop with our brakes. 

Diagnostics, testing, and training

The Start – Go – Stop programs are complemented by diagnostics and test equipment to help installers repair each vehicle quickly, efficiently. We also offer training to support technicians all over the world to service and repair vehicles right the first time. 

Delphi is driving many of the innovations that will generate new business for garages over the coming decades: technologies, that will fundamentally change how garages work and the type of OE-level knowledge and support that they need to continue to be successful. For aftermarket businesses that embrace the change, with the right OE partner, the opportunities are substantial. That’s where we believe Delphi has real strength.

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