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Much more than a pump #1: Integrated OE expertise

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In this article you will find the first of a 3 part series on our aftermarket fuel program integrates OE expertise, leading vehicle coverage, and advanced diagnostic support to provide our customers with access to a full-service fuel management solution.

As a global leader in fuel technology, we combine over 100 years of OE heritage with innovative aftermarket solutions to offer the best of both worlds. Our aftermarket fuel program integrates OE expertise, leading vehicle coverage, and advanced diagnostic support to provide our customers with access to a full-service fuel management solution.

In this 3 part series, we break down exactly what that means for our customers and what you can expect by choosing Delphi for fuel, starting with integrated OE expertise.

Why do vehicle manufacturers choose Delphi?

Vehicle manufacturers choose Delphi for fuel management because we've been producing fuel pumps for over 80 years and our technological leadership has allowed us to hold over 30 OE proprietary innovations and 150 patents in fuel module and fuel pump design. Over 7 million vehicles from top manufactures, like Volkswagen and PSA, are fitted Delphi fuel pumps every year. From mechanical pumps to high-pressure GDi pumps. From pick-up trucks to golf carts. You name it, we’ve made it all.

Aftermarket solutions with integrated OE expertise

Because we’ve made it all, we understand the vehicles that technicians service every day. That’s why we design and build our portfolio with the same dependable, reliable parts that they and their customers can trust. We can offer the best of both worlds - OE and the aftermarket - because we apply our OE expertise and pioneering technology to every aftermarket fuel pump and module. Our customers know they’ll be able to offer an OE quality fuel repair, no matter what vehicle enters your doors when they choose Delphi for fuel.

Innovation in the aftermarket

But our fuel products don’t just end there. We combined our OE expertise with a passion for innovation to drive us to make a great product even better. Our latest aftermarket fuel pump features anodized aluminum pump components that outlast other commonly used materials, an over-molded armature to protect pump windings against corrosion, and a new carbon commutator that is up to twice as durable as copper in aftermarket applications. And as an added bonus, customers can trust they installed a fuel pump that delivers the best of both worlds because all petrol applications feature an electric blue fuel pump top, module top cover, and strainer material that are distinctly Delphi.

Integrated OE expertise is just one example of how we keep our customers ahead of the curve. Go to part 2: Leading European coverage to learn more about how our fuel program is much more than a pump- It’s a full service aftermarket solution.

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