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How do you convey to a customer that basic OBD-II generic code readers do not explain everything?

The easiest way to do this is by comparing OBD-II to a ZIP code. A ZIP or postal code provides the general area of where that person lives. But there are better tools that help exactly pinpoint where that person lives… like GPS coordinates.
An OBD-II generic code reader essentially operates similar to a ZIP code. It can do free diagnostics tests, but will not provide the exact location of GPS coordinates. With a factory-level OBD-II enhanced scan tool is your GPS for vehicles, zeroing in on the specific area where the problem occurs. An enhanced OBD-II makes finding the root cause of the vehicle issue more efficient.  


How can you start off on the right foot with a customer? What is the best way to explain information to them?

Transparency and open communications will be critical in building your customer relationships and, subsequently, repeat business. Exceptional customer service that is repeatable and tailored to their preferences will help to build that relationship. Remember, customers are coming to you for a solution to their automotive service and repair needs, and you are the most experienced person to deliver it.

Providing a tour of the facility or showing what you are estimating on your computer screen will also help to reinforce the transparency of your shop operations.


What should I do if a customer comes into my shop and has multiple issues with their vehicle but does not want to or cannot afford to fix them all at one time?

Help customers set priorities by giving them a priority list – a hierarchy of what needs to be done first. For example, a priority list could look like this:
A.    Customer Requested Items and Safety
B.    Needed Repairs Discovered During Inspection
C.    Needed Preventative Maintenance

Listen to the customer’s priorities and make sure to set those as your priorities as well – if you have shop management software, make sure to load into your database for continued customer contact touchpoints.


What are some tips on communicating the value of my shop, service and equipment to the customer?

As a shop owner or technician, you are the best representative of your shop and the services you perform. By developing a clear and transparent communication channel with your customer, you lay the foundation of demonstrating the value of why your shop is the best option for all of their automotive service and repairs.

Providing a tour of your shop goes a long way to help developing a long-term partnership with your customer; showing your shop equipment can also help make them feel comfortable and part of the service/repair process.