A row of remanufactured Delphi Technologies diesel injectors

Delphi Technologies celebrates Reman Day 2019

A row of remanufactured Delphi Technologies diesel injectors

Reman Day is an annual global event, yet is executed at the local level. Remanufacturers host events designed to showcase the economic and environmental benefits of remanufacturing. April 11, 2019, marks the second-annual Reman Day, and Delphi Technologies' Remanufacturing facility in Troy, Mich., is ready to celebrate, and for good reason.

Delphi Technologies and Reman

The remanufacturing sector as a whole saves on average 85% of energy use, 86% of water use and 85% of material use compared to a newly manufactured product. Remanufacturing supports more than 180,000 full-time jobs in the United States alone.

Woman at Delphi Technologies remanufacturing facility working on assembling an injector

Globally, since 2008, Delphi Technologies has prevented 14 million pounds of core material from ending up in landfills by reusing it for our remanufactured all makes diesel injectors and pumps. By reusing the core, the green friendly solution saves 50% to 70% of the resources, and consumes about 85% less energy than if a new part was created. And, as a bonus, since remanufacturing uses fewer new parts, it is more cost effective. And that means savings for the driver, too.

Remanufactured diesel injectors in a close up shot

The Delphi Difference

At Delphi Technologies, every remanufactured all-makes diesel injector and pump undergoes a rigorous seven-step process, as seen with our remanufactured ISX Injectors. This seven-step process includes:

  1. Core inspection
  2. Product disassembly
  3. Cleaning
  4. Further inspection
  5. Replacement of parts with like-for-like OE on Delphi Technologies products
  6. Assembly 
  7. Test and calibration

Watch an overview of our remanufacturing process at our Troy, Mich., facility below.

At Delphi Technologies our goal is simple -- to create a sustainable heavy duty and commercial vehicle industry. By choosing Delphi Technologies, you know our all makes diesel injectors and pumps are environmentally and budget friendly. And with Delphi Technologies’ OE authorized approach, you can be sure that our parts are rebuilt as good as new, and perform just like the OE. Now that is something we can all celebrate!