Technician under the hood

Fuel pump warranty inspection guidelines

Technician under the hood

This is a visual guide for the inspection of Delphi Technologies branded fuel pumps and modules, which are being submitted for warranty. Take a look at these examples of genuine Delphi Technologies branded pumps and modules, as well as examples of pumps and modules that are not covered by the warranty.

Below, you can also download our handy chart to print out in your shop or refer to on your computer or mobile device. 


What to look for

Part identification: making sure it's genuine 

Warrantable branded Delphi Technologies pumps and modules can be identified by the word "DELPHI" on the part. Parts without the label or stamp can be identified using the Delphi Technologies parts catalog or website.


Fuel pump module assembly with Delphi Technologies logo





Parts new in box

Fuel pumps and fuel modules that are new in the box cannot be returned for warranty. Complete fuel module and pump kits with no evidence of installation are considered new.

Not covered by warranty

  • Physical damage due to rough handling and/or incorrect installation.

  • Contamination of the fuel pumps.

  • Fuel modules and pumps that show signs of heavy aging or have been in service for more than one year are not covered by warranty.

  • Bent or burnt electrical connectors on the fuel module or pump.

  • Fuel modules and pumps that are modified with parts not included with the Delplhi Kit.

For any questions about product installation or identification, contact our Tech Line at 1.877.GO.DELPHI. 

How to reduce contamination returns

According to independent research, most returned fuel pumps are due to installers not cleaning the gas tank properly. To eliminate contamination returns, always clean the tank before installation. Use these easy-to-follow instructions.

Warranty returns can be caused by rust, contamination, or modification of parts


How to clean the fuel tank

Watch a demonstration of how to clean the fuel tank below for more tips on this critical step to reducing comebacks and warranty, endorsed by the Auto Care Association.