Hartridge DPF300 Master Series

DPF300 Master Series

Heavy Duty DPF maintenance is an essential service requirement for the efficient and trouble-free operation of today's modern engines.

The Complete System

The Hartridge DPF 300 Master Series of products uses proven patented technology to remove virtually all soot and ash in order to restore the function of clogged DPFs and restore exhaust backpressure to its original specifications.

The success of the cleaning process using the DPF300 Master and DPF310 Master can be fully tested using the DPF320 Master, flow meter. For any DPFs that have become severely blocked with compacted soot, the DPF330 Master can thermally regenerate the DPF to loosen ash and combust the soot. It can then be easily emptied so that DPF performance is fully restored.

The cleaning time typically takes 15-45 minutes depending on the volume of air supply available and the state of DPF.

Regularly Servicing DPFs will:

  • Significantly extend DPF service life
  • Maintain optimum fuel economy
  • Ensure optimum exhaust function
  • Avoid unscheduled downtime
  • Reduce static on-vehicle regeneration

Hartridge DPF 300 Master Series:

DPF300 Master

Hartridge DPF 300 Master Series

Cleans DPfs and DOCs up to 91cm (h) and 51cm (w)

  • Powerful bi-directional cleaning
  • Fast to set up and easy to use
  • Air Knives cut through the soot and ash in each individual cell
  • Full & Air saver mode

DPF310 Master

DPF310 Master

Soot/Ash removal and containment

  • Safe and efficient
  • Purge function maintains performance
  • Enables fast and responsible disposal of ash

DPF320 Master

DPF320 Master

DPF flow test before & after cleaning

  • Quickly assess the state of a DPF
  • Measure the success of DPF cleaning

DPF330 Master

DPF330 Master

Thermal regeneration

  • Easy to control - one touch programming
  • Simple and reliable
  • Nine hour cycle time
  • Automatic lid lock
  • Treat two DPFs simultaneously
*Note: Only approximately one out of six DPFs require a thermal regeneration

Cost Impact of DPF Servicing

Vehicle Running Costs

DPF Servicing

Regularly servicing DPF


Hartridge Cleaning Process

Hartridge Cleaning Process