Visit Delphi Technologies at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW)
Visit booth 1321 at HDAW 2019

HDAW 2019

Delphi Technologies is at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW). Stop by our booth to see what's new.

The Mirage in Las Vegas

January 28-31

Booth 1321

  • We offer three part numbers covering the most popular ISX injector applications, one of the largest on-road engine applications in North America. Each ISX injector is tested on our custom production test machine where all units are overchecked for leaks, injection pressure, fuel delivery and timing. The nozzle body, nozzle body plunger assembly and check valve are critical to product life and performance and will give our customers the quality and durability they can rely on. 

  • The Hartridge Sabre CRi Expert is advanced common rail injector testing that generates 2700 bar and has a range of unique features providing stable performance at high pressure. The Sabre CRi Expert also uses an advanced magmah Touch user interface, smarter pay-as-you-go licensing, advanced temperature monitoring and a comprehensive test plan database.

  • Thanks to the same exacting engineering principals stemming from our OE heritage, we have developed a new platform which has unparalleled benefits and covers most of the HEUI injector parc with the Toledo HEUI Master. The Toledo focuses on ease of use at every stage so that a technician who is new to HEUI technology can effectively test injectors, as well as having more advanced settings available and ready to progress as the workshop evolves.

  • Extend your diesel particulate filter life with the Hartridge DPF300 Master Series. The new Hartridge test equipment uses proven, patented technology to remove virtually all soot and ash in order to restore the function of clogged diesel particulate filters and restore exhaust backpressure to its original specifications.

  • Delphi Technologies continues to add to our All Makes Remanufactured Diesel Fuel Injector portfolio. Stop by our booth to learn more about how our OE technological know-how and efficient and meticulous remanufacturing process allow us to product the best possible injectors.

Touch Screen Sabre

Delphi Technologies is proud to deliver our OE technology and expertise to create green and global solutions. We support the global diesel marketplace with remanufactured service products which align with our focus on green by keeping parts on the road and out of landfills. Our remanufactured All Makes injectors reflect our OE technological know-how ensuring each injector meets our exacting specifications and provides our customers with optimal engine performance.

Delphi Technologies also provides our customers around the world with repair solutions which are further supported by our Hartridge-branded All Makes Test Equipment.

We are your diesel partner for remanufacturing, repair and test solutions!