Hartridge CRi-180

Advanced Common Rail Injector Testing

Key Features Overview

  • Fast - typically one minute per test step
  • High flow delivery output
  • Highly accurate testing and stability
  • Simplified and fast injector clampling/changeover
  • Advanced magmah user interface
  • Very easy installation

Ulitimate User Flexibility

Central to the Sabre CRi-180’s design are exceptional levels of user-control, enabling the full customization of test conditions and parameters.Tests can be run in fully automatic or manual mode and existing test plans can be modified as easily as new ones can be created. When generating a new test plan the operator is able to intervene at all stages. Even percentage tolerances for each step can be assigned individually, enabling the magmah software to automatically assign limits according to the parameters set.

Be an Expert

The intuitive 10” TFT touchscreen and user-friendly interface enables workshops at all levels to fully utilise the Sabre’s highly advanced software functionality. The Sabre is as comprehensive or as simple as you want it to be, whether your requirement is for a fast and accurate function tester, or for a repair-quality evaluation of injector performance. Whatever your needs, the Sabre CRi Master ensures the highest standards of Common Rail injector testing capability are achieved.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Place

The Sabre CRi Master is ready to be used as soon as it has been filled with ISO4113 calibration fluid and plugged in to a domestic power socket. There is no need to connect to a compressed air supply or a water supply.
It can be easily positioned on a worktop with the help of its eyelets and retractable roller balls. All machines are delivered fully calibrated and loaded with popular test plans.

Advanced Cooling

The Sabre utilises 3 air-to-oil heat exchangers to regulate and stabilise temperatures ensuring test-to-test and machine-to-machine repeatability. This superior cooling performance enables injectors to run for extended test periods.

Patented Technology

By utilizing an internal Common Rail pump along with a patented closed loop control system, the Sabre is able to generate an impressive level of flow, even at high pressures. It does this despite running on domestic power connections and without having to rely on an external compressed air supply.

Windows 10 magmah sharp Touchscreen Application

The new magmah sharp interface seamlessly integrates in to the Windows 10 platform to enable absolute control and flexibility through the 10” TFT touchscreen. To print off the colour reports, users can connect a printer to the Sabre front mounted USB ports or print, email, transfer them via Wifi.


Main Test Screen   


Diagnostic Screen 

Installation Requirements

  • Two domestic mains electrical connections required
    • High voltage: 1 of 200-240 Vac (10 amps) and 1 of 200-240 Vac (16 amps)
    • Low voltage: 1 of 100-120 Vac (10 amps) and 1 of 200-240 Vac (16  amps)* * with step-up transformer included
  • 160kg fully loaded (145kg dry)
  • Dimensions 610mm (W), 610mm (D), 110mm (H)
  • Uses ISO4113 calibration fluid

Injector Measurements

Coil resistance 0 - 200 Ω
Inductance (coil injectors only) 0 - 20 mH
Capacitance (piezo injectors) 0 - 12 μF
Response time measurements 0 - 999 μS
Backleak flow measurements 0 - 290 mL/min
Delivery measurements 0 - 400 mm3/str
Backleak temperature 0 - 180°

Technical Specification

Rail Pressure 0 - 1800 bar
Injection Speed 120 - 3000 ipm
Pulse Width 0 - 400 0 μS
Time Delay 0 - 600 seconds
Tank Capacity 10 litres
Tank Filtration 2 μm
Metering Unit Filtration 60 μm
Backleak Filtration 60 μm
High Pressure Flow 600 - 250 cc/min
Fluid Cooling Air to oil heat exchangers