The Sabre Cri Expert

The new Sabre CRi Expert is a progression of the Sabre platform. The Expert model isn’t replacing the Master model, but instead opens up other opportunities for a workshop to advance & grow on a platform that is centered on easy use throughout.

Future Ready Testing Solution

Sabre Expert machine showing touch screen

A number of components within this award-winning, compact platform are unique to the Sabre CRi Expert; setting it apart while retaining its roots as a firm workshop favorite. New features and functions have been engineered from the ground up to provide a future-ready testing solution that stays ahead of the market.

The Delphi Difference
Up to 2700 bar pressure
High flow output for heavy duty common rail testing
Smarter pay-as-you-go licencing
New magmahTouch software
Patented Closed-Loop power management
Advanced temperature monitoring
Comprehensive test plan database
Expert level testing