Air conditioning compressor for a car

Vehicle Air Conditioning Compressor

With more than 50 years’ expertise, Delphi Technologies has a rich heritage in a/c compressors. We introduced the first integrated compressor in the 1950s and were the first to integrate electronics, sensors and special algorithms into climate control systems too, making them smarter, faster and better than ever before. Today, our OE a/c compressor technology can still be found on millions of vehicles worldwide.

      The Delphi Difference
      Lightweight, high-efficiency design
      Consumes up to 15% less power
      Fuel savings up to .5 MPG
      Meets OE quality standards
      Environmentally friendly, extremely low leakage

      What does an A/C compressor do?

      Much like a heart in a human body, the compressor circulates the system’s lifeblood, in this case the refrigerant, that is vital to the proper operation of the air conditioning (A/C) system. It moves the gas from the evaporator, compresses it, and delivers it at high pressure and high temperature to the condenser, where it is converted into a cooling gas that cools the air in the vehicle’s cabin. Because of this, you’ll want to fit a proven quality compressor, engineered to deliver faster time to comfort and better fuel economy and emissions.


      A cut in half vehicle air conditioning compressor

      Why choose Delphi Technologies?

      • Delphi Technologies covers more than 3,400 applications.
      • Supplies a/c compressors for 1989 to present applications.
      • Provides HVAC components to eight of the top 11 OEM global manufacturers.
      • The majority of Delphi Technologies compressors are made in North America.
      • No extra parts to purchase or stock. Sealing washers included with all compressors (when applicable).
      • Our compressors are leak tested to one pound of refrigerant in 40 years using sophisticated mass spectrometer leak test equipment.

      Warranty policy


      Types of A/C compressors

      SP Compressors:

      • Maximized performance and high efficiency due to its lightweight design.
      • Quiet and reliable as a result of its smooth pumping operation.
      • Durable, lightweight and compact piston design.

      Compact Variable Compressors (CVC):

      • Founded on the swash plate design used on Delphi V5 and V7 compressors.
      • Improved air conditioning performance and fuel economy due to its smooth, continuous operation without clutch cycling.
      • Meets vehicle air conditioning demand with adjustable displacement capability.

      V5 and V7 Compressors:

      • Improved air conditioning performance and fuel economy because of its smooth, continuous operation without clutch cycling.
      • Meets vehicle air conditioning demand with its adjustable displacement capability.
      • V7 compressors feature increased capacity, reduced noise and minimized vibration.
      • V7 compressors are compatible with R-134a systems.
      • V5 compressors are compatible with R-12 and R-134a systems.

      H6 Compressors:

      • Extremely efficient and lightweight.
      • Improved OE design for increased performance and reliability.

      Intelligent design

      The improved harmonic motion mechanism in our swash plate design reduces both weight and friction; less friction improves longevity and fuel economy and produces less noise. Combined with our hollow piston technology, integrated control valve and special reed valve and valve plate design, this makes for a fast-cooling, quiet, durable and highly-efficient compressor.

      Rigorous testing

      Quality has always been a big part of our history. And is part and parcel of everything we do today. That’s why every Delphi Technologies compressor undergoes rigorous testing including performance, durability, leakage, vibration, noise and fitment tests. Our leaks tests, for example, test to one pound of refrigerant in 40 years for an eco-friendly compressor.

      A chart showing Delphi Technologies leak test over 40 years

      Easy installation of an air conditioning compressor

      When it comes to A/C servicing, first time fit and reliability are critical. Our compressors are designed with this in mind and come with an exterior shell casting that matches the OE part, together with all the required accessories for quick and easy installation.